Pastoral Ministry

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Ronnie Falvey
Senior Pastor
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Kiely Young
Congregational Care Pastor
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Jeanine Lilly
Pastoral Ministry Assistant


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Barry Hardy
Church Administrator
Bart Harrison
Facility Manager
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Savannah Davis
Graphics & Communications Assistant
Sandi Komurke
Administrative Ministry Assistant

Worship & Music Ministry

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Greg Kinsley
Music Associate
Angela Palmerton
Music Ministry Assistant
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JP Martin
Directer of Media

Missions & Outreach

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Anthony Britt
Missions & Outreach Pastor
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Jennifer Cammack
Missions Ministry Assistant

Discipleship Ministries

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Ben Atkinson
Discipleship & Ministries Pastor
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Alan Loving
Student & Families Pastor
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Billy Hollingsworth
Children & Families Pastor
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Lisa Rippy
Associate Minister of Family Discipleship
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Daniel Moody
Middle School Associate
Debbie Westerfield
Preschool Ministry Associate
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Angela Rives
Elementary Ministry Associate
Emilie Lynn
Education & Outreach Ministry Assistant
Wanda Kinsley
Student & Children
Sue Hall
Learning Center Director

Recreation & Senior Adults

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Brian Rhodus
Recreation & Senior Adult Pastor
Penny Rhodes
Recreation Ministry Assistant