International Journeys




November 1-11, 2017
Team Size: 6
Journey Leader: Kiely Young
This is an exciting venture in a somewhat remote economically challenged area of Southeast India. We will have two purposes: 1) Teaching basic theological studies for approximately 100 house church leaders. 2) Conducting a wellness clinic in villages with a few of these house church leaders. We are looking to take up to six people from FBC Madison.


November 3-11, 2017
Team Size: 10
Journey Leader: Jim Ramsey
People everywhere need Jesus. On this journey you will encounter hundreds of people that are desperately seeking answers. Will you let God use you to pull people from the depths of hopelessness into new life in Christ? You will have many opportunities to share the Gospel and visit with the people in Barranquilla.


Southeast Asia
November 2017
Team Size: 4
Journey Leader: Roger Willis
This journey will be for those that want to experience the culture by Home Stays. This helps find people of peace by building relationships with villagers by staying in their homes with them and prayer walking their villages.


Dominican Republic Student Spring Break Journey
Spring Break 2018
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