2020 Family Retreat
This year's retreat has been suspended due to the COVID-19 virus.

First Baptist Madison Family Retreat is a time where you and your family can join other families at FBC for a weekend of fellowship and activities, as well as help you make it easier for your family to get into God's Word individually and together on a consistent basis. This year our theme, WORD 511, is designed to challenge families to spend time in the Bible personally five times a week. Then one time a week a couple will come together to share with one another what they are learning. One time a week the family incorporates the Bible into family time. The Word 511 theme is intended to complement the Foundations 260 discipleship book that First Baptist Madison is currently utilizing as their 5-times-a-week personal study.

Weekend Verse: "Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow." -Psalm 25:4

The following are materials that you and your family will receive at Family Retreat:
•T-shirts for the whole family
•Silicone wrist bands to remind us daily to be in the Word
•Cell Phone/iPad Background to remind us daily to be in the Word
•Free song download of our weekend song "The Word of God"
•Journal for children
•Bookmarks to help kids keep up with their reading and comprehension
•Window clings so kids can mark off days with a dry-erase marker they've read their Bible.
•Devotional books for couples ("New Morning Mercies" by Paul David Tripp)
•Devotional books for families ("Growing with Jesus"
•Idea Cards (I.e. Couple's Date Night, Family time: Memorizing Scripture, Family Time: Follow the Directions, Teens: Sharing My Story)



The Family Ministry at First Baptist Madison seeks to help parents and grandparents tackle life’s most difficult moments. Our @Home Center exists to provide you with resources on the following topics:

  • Prodigal Kids: When they reject your beliefs
  • Grieving: Death, Divorce, Separation, Change
  • Caring for an Aging Loved One
  • Sexual Identity Confusion
  • Raising a Child with Special Needs
  • Facing Infertility
  • A Difficult Marriage: Finding Hope and Help
  • Sexual Intimacy: Finding Fulfillment
  • Living Together: Taking Next Steps
  • Married to an Unbelieving Spouse
  • Family Finances
  • Discipline with Young Children
  • An Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Blending Families
  • A Difficult Teen: Navigating Rebellion
  • Addiction Issues
  • Your Child’s Schooling Options
  • Introducing your child to Christ
  • Engaged: Getting Ready for Marriage
  • Launching Young Adults
  • Preparing your child for Adolescence 
  • Intentional Parenting
  • Preparing for Baby
  • Considering Children
  • Building a Strong Marriage
  • Influencing Grandchildren
  • The Empty Nest
  • Single: Should you pursue Marriage?
  • Hope to Marry: Proactively Pursuing Marriage
  • Exploring Adoption or Foster Care



We would also like to encourage you to download the GLOO app. This app has many of the above resources and much more.

The THREE main aspects of the app are:

  1. Start Driving Faith Home
    This program explains why driving faith home is so important and equips them to become more intentional whether they are single, married, raising children or a grandparent.
  2. [email protected] Check-up
    This program guides users through a personalized assessment of the past few months and a plan of action for the next – including practical tools for singles, couples, parents and grandparents.
  3. Your Child’s Faith Path
    This program is a streamlined version of Faith Path designed to guide your child’s faith journey one step at a time.