The honor and joy of worshiping Jesus Christ, our Lord, is the heart of our music ministry. We want to lead others to the throne-room of Christ through His worship, both individually and as a congregation.

Each week, members of First Baptist Madison come together to worship and experience God as a body of believers. We do so in celebrative, energetic services that blend traditional hymns, modern hymns and praise music, while employing many different instruments to accompany our musical offerings of worship.

Members of the music ministry differ in gifts and abilities; yet, we gather with a heart of humble praise. Our ages, life experiences, and preferences vary; however, our hearts are unified in our praise of God, Jesus Christ and Their love story of redeeming love. Finally, we would love to have you be a part of our music ministry family. In fact, our motto is “More than music, we’re a family.”


Ross Johnson
Worship & Music Pastor
First Baptist Madison


Celebration Choir
The First Baptist Madison Adult Choir is one of the key parts of our church. The Adult Choir is a consistent group of faces that guests see each week leading and praising God from the choir loft.

At First Baptist Madison, we consider our Adult Choir to be not only choir members, but leaders in worship. Such expectations reach beyond Sunday mornings to every aspect of our lives, effecting those in our sphere of influence. The Adult Choir sings a choir anthem or praise song most every Sunday. Regardless of whether we sing a special song, or simply lead others in worship, the job that we do in leading worship is a key aspect to worship at First Baptist Madison.

Our Adult Choir rehearses from 6:00-7:30pm on Wednesday evenings in the Choir Suite located directly below the stage of the Worship Center. During rehearsal, we work on several songs for upcoming Sundays and on music for special events within our church. We also have a devotional by a choir member and prayer time during rehearsal each week. Childcare and children’s programs are provided during most Adult Choir rehearsals.

If you are interested in serving in the Adult Choir, please come and visit one of our rehearsals. You will be welcomed with open arms by the choir, Choir Officers, and the Music staff. No audition or interview is required. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Music Ministry.

Senior Adult Choir
Voices of Joy is the name given to our Senior Adult Choir at First Madison. They rehearse weekly through the school year on Wednesday mornings at 11:00am under the direction of Mrs. Judy Hutchinson. Voices of Joy provide our Sunday evening choir and special music at least once per month. In addition, they sing at local nursing homes, hospitals and other venues where they represent Christ and our church so well. If you are interested in singing in Voices of Joy and are 55 or over, please contact the Music Ministry. Voices of Joy meets throughout the school year, and take the summers off.


Instrumental Music

The First Baptist Madison Orchestra is another of the key part of our church and its worship. Persons who play an instrument and read music are welcome to call the Minister of Music to arrange for an interview that is required for participation in the group. The interview will consist of a conversation between the individual and Minister of Music regarding spiritual matters and past musical experiences, among other things pertinent to the ensemble. Also, a brief, musical audition will take place. You must have completed the 10th grade to participate in the group.

Rehearsals for the Instrumental Ensemble are on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm on the Wednesdays before the orchestra plays on Sunday. The group plays in the morning worship services generally on the first and third Sundays of the months, except in September, December, and January. We take the summer months off and resume in mid-August.

At First Baptist Madison, we consider our orchestra to be vital to the future of our church. If you are interested in serving in the church orchestra, please call the Music Ministry office at 601.856.6177 or contact us here.

Praise Band
The First Baptist Madison Praise Band consists of piano, bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, and organ, with other melodic instruments thrown in from time to time. They accompany congregational worship on Sunday mornings, as well as soloists, ensembles, and the choir. The Praise Band is an auditioned group.

Currently, we are in need of an auxiliary percussionist (playing congas, djembe, suspended cymbal, and other percussion instruments) to play regularly with the band. From time to time, we need other instrumentalists to fill in as well. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30pm in the Worship Center. If you are interested in an audition, please contact Ross Johnson at 601.856.6177 or here.


Musikids & JAM Choirs

MusiKids Preschool Choir
Preschoolers ages 3 through K-5 are invited to be a part of our MusiKids Preschool Choirs, which meet on Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:10pm. Time is spent each week on music, a snack is served and a craft is created, all around a spiritual theme. Three and Four year olds are in one class, and Kindergarteners are in another. MusiKids runs through the school year, and takes summers off. For more information about MusiKids, contact Ross Johnson here.

JAM Children’s Choir
Kids in grades 1-5 are invited to be a part of our JAM Children’s Choir. The Choir meets on Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:00pm from August through May. JAM is our acronym for Jesus, Action, and Music. Time is spent each week on music in preparation for the Children’s Choir Christmas musical. The musical involves learning music (Music), drama (Action), along with the spiritual message (Jesus). For more information about JAM Children’s Choir, contact Ross Johnson here.


Vocal Ensembles

Praise Team
The First Baptist Madison Praise Team is an auditioned small group consisting of a soprano, alto, tenor, and worship leader. There are multiple praise teams that serve on a monthly basis at First Madison. The primary function of each praise team is to serve as worship leaders and vocal models for the congregation and choir during worship services. Therefore, musical preparation is a vital aspect of this ministry. The Praise Teams rehearse on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm in the Worship Center. Praise Team members only rehearse on Wednesday evenings during the months in which they are scheduled to sing on Sunday mornings.

Praise teams are re-auditioned approximately every six months to allow for new people to rotate in, or to allow veterans to rotate out on a temporary basis. Everyone must re-audition with the Minister of Music and Praise Team Coordinator during this period. The audition will be one or two prepared pieces where each person prepares their voice part. At the audition, you will be combined with other persons singing other parts so as to see your ability to carry your own part as well as to see how your voice blends with others. Veteran praise team members are not given a pass for auditions, nor are they guaranteed a position for the new six-month period. Praise team members are to always be a Christian example and light for Christ, regardless of whether they are on or off of the platform.

At First Baptist Madison, we consider our Praise Teams to be vital to the future of our church and its worship. If you are interested in serving on a Praise Team, please call the Music Ministry office at 601.856.6177 or contact us here.

At First Baptist Madison, we see our vocal ensembles as a vital key to our future. Further, our ensembles will give the music ministry many opportunities to go to other churches and venues to sing and lead worship as part of our emphasis on missions. Rehearsals vary, depending on the schedule of the members of the ensemble. Ensemble leaders and accompanists are always needed as well. If you are interested in accompanying, leading, or singing in an ensemble, please call the Music Ministry office at 601.856.6177 or contact us here.


Music Events

Past events have included:
• Christmas Programs
• Easter Programs
• Maundy Thursday Services
• Patriotic Programs
• A Night of Worship
• Gospel Homecomings
• Live Nativity