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International Adopt-a-Student Ministry

Our Purpose
The International Adopt-a-Student Ministry is an opportunity for our church family to be a home-away-from-home for international students who are living in our country away from their families. This program opens the door for an incredible opportunity for our church to minister to the needs of these students. Through this ministry, students can receive the nurture of a Christian family during some of the most exciting and difficult times of their lives. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for our International students to experience American Family life. They will need quiet time away from the hectic academic world, adult advice, home cooking, security, and a listening ear.

Who can be adopted?
Each year, Mississippi College has a number of international students enrolled in the International Adopt-a-Student program through the Office of Global Education. These students are the ones selected for our ministry.

Can I adopt more than one student?
If you desire to adopt more than one student, let us know how many! We will partner you with as many students as you wish.

Will my student speak English?
English levels vary from student to student. When interacting with a student whose first language is NOT English, try to speak slower not louder and avoid using too many slang terms. Your student’s confidence level will grow as your relationship builds.

Interesting Facts:
•Mississippi College serves hundreds of international students from all over the world
•Many of these students are not Christian, but chose to Mississippi College because they know that Christians treat them so much better than they are treated at public schools.
•All are far away from home and new to the American culture

The college years are a crucial time in a person’s life. How best to minister to a student than to take them under your wing, walk with them, and mentor them during this pivotal time! God will use you to shape their lives and their future! Join us today!

•Committing to meet with student at least once a month
•Attending at least 1 International Student Event with your student, for a list of opportunities, visit: mc.edu/international
•Inviting your student to celebrate at least 1 American Holiday

Creative Ideas
•Sunday Lunches
•Holiday/School Break Invitations
•Ice Cream Day
•Go to a Sports Event
•Mission Projects
•Help with School Supplies
•Help with Food for Dorm Room
•Encouragement Notes, E-mails, Text Messages
•Holiday & Birthday Gifts
•Family Outing Together
•Attend School Functions & Sporting Events
•Family Devotionals
•Shopping Trip
•Care Package during Exams
•Take them on Tours around the State
•Take them to the MS State Fair
•Laundry & Lunch Day
•Invitation to Special Events at Church
•Occasionally pick them up and bring them to Church
•Cook Together (let them cook for you and experience their culture)
•Also see online the Mississippi College Global Education list of International Student Events

How do I sign up or get involved?
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