Women’s Missionary Union is a vital part of our Women’s Ministry. The name tells us that Missions is the focus and women give leadership. The purpose and responsibility of wMu is to help the church family become involved in missions, through persons being committed to and carrying out the missions imperative in the Bible. wMu at First Baptist Madison offers organizations for all age groups that focus on missions education, giving, praying, ministering, and witnessing.

First Baptist Madison Women on Mission’s Statement
Surrender to live a biblical lifestyle, sacrifice our time and treasure, and serve where you live and beyond.

First Baptist Madison Women on Mission’s Objectives
•Pray for missions
•Engage in mission action & witnessing
•Learn about missions
•Support missions
•Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle
•Participate in the work of the church and denomination

First Baptist Madison Mission Offering Goals for 2016
Margaret Lackey: $35,000
Annie Armstrong: $47,000
Lottie Moon:$145,000 

Our Current Emphases
Global Hunger Relief
World Craft Day | Shop World Crafts

Mission Journeys we are Praying for
Colombia (November 4-11)
Africa (November 10-20)



Hungry Versus Hunger

“I’m hungry,” remarks my grown son. He opens the refrigerator door, studies the contents, and then declares, “There’s nothing in here to eat!” and walks away. Vegetables, milk, eggs, and a casserole sit on the shelves.

Contrast this scenario with refugees living with no food in war torn Syria or elsewhere. This is the reality of the hunger crisis plaguing our world on a daily basis. What can you and I do? 

Start by praying. Pray for those in this situation. Pray for creative ways to make your church aware of Global Hunger Relief and Global Hunger Sunday on October 9, 2016. In the past our church sold tickets for a secret meal. Imagine the surprise of the attendees when they received only a bowl of rice.

Have children collect soup cans, attach Global Hunger Relief labels and distribute to church members for a month. Ask them to pray for those in need and for food distribution. At each meal make a contribution. At the end of the month, return your offering to the church with a label designating it for Global Hunger Relief.

Hunger is real for millions of people around the globe. By all means, give and find ways you can help in your community and beyond.

Laura Leathers oversees the Garden Project at a detention center.



Mission Groups


Carlisle Group

This group meets the fourth Thursday of each month at various times in the morning at the church. There is a quick meeting and then everyone leaves for a mission endeavor. They are constantly on the go, ministering to groups and organizations such as Crossroads, MadCAAP and Our Daily Bread.

Hall Group

The Hall Group meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm in the FBCM Community Room. Monthly projects have included the Home Place, Ronald McDonald House, MadCAAP, The Mustard Seed, Cross Roads Ministry, and Baptist Hospital waiting rooms.

Praying Hearts

Prayer is the focus of this group which meets the second Thursday of each month at 9:30am in homes. They use the suggested monthly guide on prayer from the Mission Mosaic. Along with praying for our IMB and NAMB missionaries, they are careful to remember all those from our church who are doing missions at home and abroad.

Round Table Book Club

The Round Table encourages members to read Christian books and literature and to be actively involved in mission projects. They meet the first Wednesday of each month in the Community Room at 9:30am.

Tidwell Group

This group is named for Patti Rone Tidwell who grew up in FBCM and meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 10:00am in the Community Room. We pray for the needs of the Tidwell Family through the month. Mission Mosaic is our resource at the meetings. Members participate in local mission projects.

B.L.A.S.T. | Preschool Missions

Wednesdays at 6:00pm
Children 3 years of age through Kindergarten meet each Wednesday

Crossover | Children’s Missions

Wednesdays at 6:00pm
This is for children grades 1st-5th and meets August through May on Wednesday evenings. Each week will incorporate worship, Bible study, missions, and activities.



Missions Calendar for 2016

FBCM Missions Celebration

Focus on WMU

North American Missions Emphasis
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

Edwina Robinson Special Day Emphasis
Mother’s Day Offering for Baptist Children’s Village

Margaret Lackey State Missions Emphasis

International Missions Emphasis & Lottie Moon Christmas Offering


Director: Laura Leathers | Co-Director: Brandi Turnage